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Music has been Kay's passion for as long as she can remember.  It has been the guiding light and grounding force through a life that has been a roller coaster ride.  She moved constantly growing up and began raising a son alone very young. Additionally many unexpected romantic twists and other losses gave her lots of initial inspiration.  "I used to think my writing would taper off as my life settled down.  But melodies and lyrics just come to me easily and I draw from other people and the world around me, in addition to my own experiences."

Rose delivers a powerful performance with heart, skill, soul, and artistic passion.  Sort of a modern day Carole King with a moody edge, Rose has that perfect blend of classic with a twist of current sound.  Her songs have beautiful melodies that linger on in your mind and lyrics that are heartfelt, poetic, and forthright.  Despite facing some hardships and tragedies in life, Rose continues to be a never ending idealist and hopeless romantic, all of which comes through in her songs.  Though sometimes reaching emotional depths, they are often resolved with a sense of hopefulness or wisdom.   The Eureka Reporter calls her "a hauntingly beautiful journey through heartfelt territory."

Kay feels her songs often write themselves as she often wakes up with substantial portions of songs in her mind.  She also spends a fair amount of time honing them and especially enjoys being asked to write a song for someone else or for a special occasion.